We beat all records this year and raised lots of money for charity and for the upkeep of the village!

Winners of the raffle are:

  • 1st Prize: Week in Portugal, ticket 00319 Kat
  • 2nd Prize: Facial rejuvenation, ticket 00559 Karen Staniforth
  • 3rd Prize: Interior design consultation, ticket 00242 Collette Harrison
  • 4th Prize: A passenger ride in a Corvette or rally car, ticket 00803 J Hilton
  • 5th Prize: Haircut & finish by Creator, ticket 00794 H Bentham
  • 6th Prize: £39.99 voucher for Ginwith.co.uk, ticket 00617 Jayne Smith
  • 7th Prize: £30 voucher for Old Forge Tattoo Collective, ticket 00927 Jill Meaburn
  • 8th Prize: £30 voucher for make up by Jane Faulkner, ticket 00532 Louise Jones
  • 9th Prize: £30 voucher for Twisted Tanning, ticket 00636 Yvonne Wakeley
  • 10th Prize: £30 voucher for Venus Restaurant, ticket 00359 Marc
  • 11th Prize: £25 voucher for White Loft, ticket 00352 Megan
  • 12th Prize: Afternoon Tea at Parish Oven, ticket 00719 Leo White
  • 13th Prize: Pendant & Chain, ticket 00549 Helen Wyatt
  • 14th Prize: A case of wine, ticket 00522 Emma Royle
  • 15th Prize: Bottle of Glen Moray, ticket 00204 Jill Stafford
  • 16th Prize: Bottle of Champagne, ticket 00091 Kath Benstead
  • 17th Prize: Ted Baker gift set, ticket 00818 Tracy Webb
  • 18th Prize: Magnum of red wine, ticket 00768 John Williams
  • 19th Prize: Bottle of Champagne, ticket 00107 Bernie